Laser Sweat Reduction with Cellulaze® Laser

Laser Sweat Reduction

Never let them see you sweat. This statement causes people with Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, great anxiety. Excessive armpit sweating is a common disorder that produces a lot of unhappiness. Sweat makes social occasions difficult Laser Sweat Reduction and complicates business meetings. Sweating is embarrassing; it stains clothes and ruins romance. A brand new technique, Laser Sweat Reduction using the Cellulaze™ laser, can provide relief.

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What causes Hyperhidrosis?

Most cases occur in healthy people. Many hyperhidrosis sufferers sweat almost all of their waking hours regardless of their mood or the outside temperature; heat and emotions may trigger it in others. Hyperhidrosis sufferers may apply antiperspirant and change their shirt multiple times during the day; they may plan their life around their sweating.

Laser Sweat Reduction

How does Laser Sweat Reduction help?

Laser Sweat Reduction is an innovative technique for the permanent reduction of excess armpit sweating. Using the Cellulaze™ laser, a surgeon can treat the armpit sweat glands and greatly reduce sweating. The procedure takes less than an hour and requires no downtime. The benefits include an immediately noticeable change in perspiration, and the result stabilizes over six months.

Am I a candidate?

A consultation with your board certified plastic surgeon at the Plastic Surgery Center will provide you with the best information.

Financing Your Procedure

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